Monday, December 15, 2008

You are..... THE WEAKEST LINK-

Well, maybe YOU are, but Ramses the Great certainly wasn't. The people loved him, and that's a good thing because he ruled for 66 YEARS. Maybe that's not a long time in our society, but in theirs, it was a very long time. Most people only lived to be 50 or 60 years old, but Ramses was speculated to be 91-99 years old! He even outlasted some of his grandchildren! How wicked is that?? He was a very good ruler, building great monuments still here today, managing cities with care, protecting Egypt from invaders. Its no wonder why people were so sad when he died! Here was this pharaoh, restoring order after a religion had been overthrown, building monuments to the old gods, defeating hordes of invaders, and bringing Egypt into a golden age.... gone. Just like that. I'm sure many of the mourners at his funeral weren't fake crying!


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  3. Trevor needs to go back to 2nd grade Comm Arts....

  4. i didn't know that ramses lived that long. 91-99 years old is super long.

  5. Wow!! He was pretty old compared to everyone else!! That was really fun to read!!


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