Monday, December 15, 2008

Hey lets go get some land...

If you're going to be called Ramses THE GREAT, you obviously had to have had a big impact on a society. For Ramses II, one of his many impacts was gaining large amounts of land for the Egyptians. The Egyptian army would use overwhelming force to crash like waves upon their enemies. However, these tactics were put to the test in Ramses' first battle, where his enemy the Hittites ambushed their camp in the desert. Luckily he had a reserve army following behind, and he regrouped and routed the Hittites. However, half his huge 10,000 man army had been slaughtered. This probably made him re-think his tactics a little bit! The Egyptians used many weapons. For example, they used a sort of curved baton, much like a boomerang, to throw at enemies from mild distances. They also used spears, mostly for thrusting, but sometimes for throwing also. One main military innovation during the Egyptians' time was the chariot. This small horse drawn vehicle was equivalent to motorcycles or jet skis today, fast and agile. However, unlike the jet ski, the chariot was PROBABLY something you didn't want to fall off of! You could get trampled or stabbed by an enemy soldier, which doesn't sound like much fun.
There would usually only be one person in the chariot, but in the Pharaoh's grand chariot there would be two, a driver and the Pharaoh himself, thrusting with his spear from atop the large carriage. That would scare me, some dude with leather armor coming by with a big spear in my face!

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