Monday, December 15, 2008

Where'd he get his smarts?

Both sides of Ramses' family came from military positions. His dad, Seti I, had built many great monuments and won land from the Hittites. This is probably one of the places he got his inspiration to lead his people. His mother came from a society where women could fight in the army, and after being in Egypt, started being a doctor to help injured soldiers on the battlefield. His father took him on campaigns as a child, just as Ramses would later do with his own sons, on five and six years old! I don't know how you would feel, but I don't think watching daddy stab people sounds like much fun! I'd probably be scared for life... But I guess they must have learned something by it. They became great military leaders in Egyptian society.

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  1. wow ramses family from both sides was in military positions. that must be AWESOME!!


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